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            The United Kingdom has a long history with its traditional education, it became very completed .
             And complicated after withstood the test of several hundred years. It mainly divided into three .
             Stages, that is, compulsory education, further education and higher education. There are some .
             Differences compared with that of china.
             In UK, education is compulsory between the ages of five and sixteen (eg: 11years of schooling).At.
             The end of 16, a student may legally leave school. If the student decided to work, he or she will need .
             A vocational course designed to give him or her necessary qualification. If the students wishing .
             To continue academic study takes examination in a number of subjects in the General Certificate.
             Of Secondary Education.
             Following GCSE, students take two years of study, following between two four subjects. The .
             Number of subjects is small and the range of disciplines followed is generally narrow. It is common .
             For example to take either all art based subjects or all science based subjects, it is less common.
             To mix them. Each subject is studied to a high level of specialization and the coursework and the .
             Examination involves considerate amount essay writing. At the end of this two years period of .
             Study, students take the examination for the advanced level of the General Certificate of Education.
             Personally, this period of time is very important, which can help students lay a solid foundation for.
             Further education.
             Student in the United Kingdom have therefore normally had thirteen years of full time education .
             Before entering university. This is one year more than most Chinese high school students have on .
             Entering a Chinese college.
             Admission to university in auk is competitive and around 35% of the age group normally expect to .
             Go on higher education. University in Britain are autonomous bodies, empowered under their .
             Charters or other acts of incorporation to award their own degree. .

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