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Working Towards a Fashion Career

             My current career focus is to become a stylist for Teen Vogue, but I know to do so I have to work my way up the ladder. The personal characteristics that would be important for this career would be to be organized, determined, assertive, influential, and fashionable. Since I plan on not starting a family until later on in life, I want this job to have very good hours and when I plan to start a family I am hoping to have flexible work hours. In the fashion industry especially with being a stylist traveling is also involved, and that is one thing I am definitely interested in. I want a very good salary because I plan to live in a big city and living costs are more expensive so in order to do that I would need a stable salary to give me enough to not have to worry about struggling.
             Geographic Area Information.
             San Jose, California is where I hope to end up when picking a place to live and work for the rest of my life. The median household income is 81,349 the average rental cost is 1,349, and to buy a house the average cost is 575,100. The schools in San Jose have a graduation rate of 81% and the crime rate is a bit high. The living conditions in Akron are a lot cheaper and affordable for the types of jobs around here, which is totally different from California. Buying a house here is also way cheaper compared to San Jose. The differences don't really surprise me because I expected the expenses to be a lot more expensive down there on the west coast.
             Career Opportunities.
             Three career opportunities that interest me are sales/brand representative, design assistant, and an assistant buyer. To be a sales/brand representative you have to really be interested in brands and fashion news, so it is key to keep up with fashion blogs and magazines. Sales representatives get a first-hand look at new samples in new showrooms and meet with buyers from all over to get clothes in the stores. They also work on the marketing side and meet with bloggers and editors so they can preview new collections months before they get in the stores.

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