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            Coming into this semester, I carefully chose my classes as it was my first semester in Arts and Science after transferring out of the College of Business and Economics. I have always been good at communicating and working with people; just two weeks ago I received an internship in New York City with the seventh largest public relations company in the world; Ketchum. After weighing my options heavily, I decided to accept the invitation to work for this prestigious company. .
             After my interview at the company it became clear to me that writing and understanding market strategy are key components to success in the communications field. This, and the fact that I have never taken a marketing class before, are the reasons I am very eager to take Marketing 076. I am excited to learn about this vast field. Although I have been influenced by marketing strategies and advertising, I know little about how global markets, media and technology, and modern marketing techniques affect companies marketing strategies. However, I do know that the system of American product and service marketing and our American consumer lifestyles are reflections of one another and have shaped each other since the early twentieth century proliferation of the mass media. Hopefully after completing this course, reading all of the assigned books, writing essays, and adapting my thought process to that of a marketing strategist I will achieve a stronger foundation of knowledge in the field that I hope to someday enter. .
             Overall, I think that it will be enlightening to see how media and technology have changed the approach of marketing. In making an assumption about the 1940's and 1950's I believe that there were no real marketing teams or strategies. The commercials and billboards that companies used were short and to the point. Products that did well did so simply because the product was frequently advertised and met the needs of the people.

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