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Reed's Essay "America: The Multinational Society"

            Reed's Essay "America: The Multinational Society".
             In this essay, Reed explains how American culture is portrayed as if it consists of a civilization created by the people of Europe. Where, in fact, it is made out of multinational influences. He mentioned some examples of countries that are not European, questioning their influence on American civilization. In his "America: The Multinational Society" essay he said " Is Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, which includes Turkish marches, a part of Western civilization, or the late nineteenth- and twentieth-century French paintings, whose creators were influenced by Japanese art? And what of the cubists, through whom the influence of African art changed modern painting-.
             I think that it is true that American civilization consisted through multinationals, rather than monocultural influence through Europe. What I would like to add is that the word America is the biggest propaganda of the US. That is, America was really called for the entire continent, but now, it seems as if any country other than the US of "America" is none existent. Now a day, if you were to mention America, people will automatically think of the US. This is really a proof as to what extent people may alter realities. These realities do outrage people of influence when they are not counted. African influence in this country should be recognized and mentioned when it comes to talking about American civilization as well as other cultures that did too. People should not underestimate other's influences on the so called "American Civilization".

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