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             The United States of America is called a melting pot for its richness in different cultures, yet this mixture of nationalities does not make the people of America "blur" as Ishmael Reed states in his essay "America: The Multinational Society." I would have to agree that the title of his essay is quite true, but it is his position on this "blurring of cultural styles" that makes me uneasy. The U.S., although one state, is not considered a nation. The term "nation" has historic, ethnic, and often linguistic and religious connotations. It refers to a people's sense of belonging to such an entity. The United States will never be one nation because of its diversity in cultures, languages, religions, and overall lifestyles.
             Except in some major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, the people of the United States are separated. Generally speaking, people living in the mid-west for example are not affiliated with the African American culture. There are still many cities in the U.S. where the population consists of only whites, and for example where some whites have not even seen an African American. These conservative towns can not be considered as "blurring" as Reed believes. Also, extremists such as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) prevail in this land teaching their hate of anyone of a different race and religion than their own.
             Before September 11th of 2001, the day the United States was attacked by terrorists, the people of the U.S. could not have been more separate. This day of tragedy brought this country together, not because of our "blurring cultural styles," but because of the horrific events that shadowed over the victims, victim's families, and the country. Indeed, it was a time of togetherness as well as mourning. Unfortunately, though, it took this massive attack of hate to temporarily unify this country. Months after the attacks the U.S. flags are down from our cars and people in the U.S.

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