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Communicating in English

             International people used it in communicating, and in business. Basically it's the language of the world, and it must be used as the medium of instruction for students to learn to speak the language all people used. Students are the key to our future, and knowing English will help our country rise from its economic downfall.
             We must used English rather than Filipino in the academe because English is the best form of language. English lets the student to be more equipped in the future. It opens up the individual to have more job opportunity, because it's the language of the world. It is also the most effective way to teach the student, and it keeps us updated with the development of the advance world. .
             Filipino, on the other hand, is only effective in teaching Filipino people because it does not equip the student for the future. It is a language used only by Filipino people, and it doesn't apply to the other nations. It also a limited range of job opportunity, which can only be found within the country, and knowing Filipino will only degrade us and will be left out of the Information Age. .
             There are many reasons why we should used English inside the classroom, because classroom is the basic foundation for every individual in this world. English is easier to comprehend rather than Filipino, because most books today were written in the language of the world, which is English. It is used internationally for communicating to other nations; it's the link between leaders of different nation. English is an asset in life, because many people around the world knows English. We could learn many things .
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             from them because we understand them. English is not only an asset in life, but also in conducting business with foreigners, because of English they can easily understand each other well. Information Age is all about computers, and the language used by computers is English. Internet used by people all over the world is in English by text; they surf, plagiarize, researched and downloads are all in the language of English.

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