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Being a Competent Communicator

            Being able to effectively communicate with those around us is an important key to everyday life. We communicate with others all day long, sometimes without even realizing it. Having strong speaking and listening skills can greatly improve your relationships and successes. Personally, my boss is my inspiration and guidance in becoming a better, more effective communicator. Every day, he leads my work environment successfully through efficient communication.
             One key factor in being a competent communicator is being able to convey a message clearly and precisely to the receiver without confusion. However, sometimes there can be distractions or "noise" that allow misinterpretation within those messages. In a chaotic environment, like a busy retail pharmacy, it can be very easy to make errors in communication. My boss, the head pharmacist, ensures that each of his technicians has no questions about what is expected from them and what he needs from us. For example, he will wait until I am done interacting with a customer to tell me what else needs to be done. In contrast, other pharmacists I have worked with have barked out orders for me while I am still having a discussion with a customer. They create the "noise" that interferes with understanding what the customer is saying. Waiting until I am finished helping the customer ensures that I have less distractions and can give my undivided attention to what he needs. .
             A retail pharmacy is a very stressful environment. Caring about the needs and feelings of others can sometimes get pushed aside under such intense pressure. Leading the pharmacy, my boss indicates clearly what he needs from us, as well as also listening to what we need from him. He is a great speaker and communicator. For example, the other technicians and I have expressed to him that if a customer is getting very angry and begins cursing and screaming at us, we are not to deal with that customer alone.

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