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Communication - The Way to Success

            The success of any relationship relies on the ability to properly communicate with one another. It allows us to share our interests and concerns. It takes more than one person to communicate effectively, which is why it can be tough at times. I believe that in order to be successful in whatever your goal is in life, you need to know how to communicate to get where you want to go. Communication is a very important part in my life. Proper communication skills are something I look for in a partner, my family and in my HOSA State Officer team. .
             As I went through high school, something I loved to do was date. However, even though I did my fair share of dating I rarely found myself falling for a girl and having a girlfriend. A huge reason why I never really got attracted to anyone was because of the lack of communication skills I saw in many girls. I did realize that the girls who texted back right away as well as the girls that could hold an interesting conversation were the ones who I felt drawn too. Also in the dating scene, I realized that effective communication is based on the way we talk and listen; how we respond as well as to how we use our body language. I believe that because I was able to understand the importance of body language, I was eventually able to communicate better on dates and eventually pick out girls that I thought were best suited for me.
             Another example of how communication has played a big goal in my life is through my family. I am truly blessed to have a father that made sure my voice was heard in the family; but, at the same time was able to set limits and was not afraid to tell me when I was wrong. I have learned that communication is a balance. There is no one way to say something, but you always have to keep in mind others religious values and core beliefs when trying to effectively communicate. My father made sure to always lead me in the right direction by never defying my rights but still being very much assertive with how I need to be and act as a person.

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