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Young People in Government

            The United States Constitution guarantees all American Citizens the right to free speech. Young, old, handicapped, deaf, everyone has an opinion, a voice. But in today's world, getting your voice heard is hard, especially if you"re a teenager. Teenagers are looked down upon because they seem immature, won't make a difference, and "don't know their facts". Teenagers need to get more involved in the political process to prove that they know the facts, and can make a difference. .
             An American citizen gets the right to vote once they are 18. The earlier someone gets involved, the more experience and intelligence they will have with politics. Teenagers should register to vote once they turn 18, and use that right to vote in all local and national elections. People, especially teenagers think that their vote doesn't make a difference, but every vote counts! If more teenagers got involved in voting, the votes in elections would be more truthful and representative of the American people. How can out government survive if so little people vote each year? Teenagers can take a stand, and deicide to use their right to vote, and show others the difference it can make. .
             Voting not only helps the results in an election, but it gives the voter an education on politics. Teenagers can become more educated on politics buy voting, and reading up on the nominees. Watching the news, reading the paper, class discussions, or even presidential debates all give very valuable information on politics and the people running. .
             A teenager has very easy access to clubs, and should use that to their advantage in getting involved in the political process. Teenagers still in school have the easies access, and can sign up for clubs in their school like the SGA (Student Government Association), Key Club, Young Democrats/Republicans, and many more, depending on the school. If they have already graduated from school, there are still plenty of options.

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