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Is American Government Broken?

             The year is almost over and when it is, President Obama will have only two more years in office. When he leaves, his successor will inherit a broken government. It is to be said, however, that it is not President Obama's fault " entirely, at least " for a broken government. It has been broken for years, and it will continue to be for more to come. Many are the factors behind a very much imperfect system; this research paper will focus on two of them: Congress and the American people. Congress because it is one of the main bodies of our political system; it is the body that introduces bills and approves them or not " considering their power to veto the President as well -. It has a major responsibility over the country's future and the decisions made about such future. Congress is a major part of why the government is broken because of its actions in recent years. But Congress is just one side of the spectrum. On the other side, there are the American people. And they will be analyzed as well because they are the ones who vote - or not -, electing this country's representatives. Considering their relationship and how one depends on the other, this paper will argument on why the government has become the deteriorating system in place nowadays and why the American people are one of the reasons this has been happening. .
             Established under Article I of the Constitution, Congress is the legislative branch and is constituted of one Senate and one House of Representatives, which leaders are to be elected by the people and serve six and two year terms respectively. Differently from the President and the Courts, Congress decisions are public. Its failure and gains make national news and every impasse can have a great impact on whether they will be reelected or not. From this premise, it would be safe to assume that Congressman would be willing to do anything in order to have the country run smoothly.

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