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america's power struggle

            America is not in the position to fear other countries.
             countries that feel threatened by America.
             The United States has a strong world dominance. Yet there is.
             ignorance ingrained from history in the people. It seems as though.
             America, through the eyes of several other parts of the world, is taking.
             its authority way too far.
             The chain is not broken, the pattern of how the United States.
             conducts itself still remains in question. When is the right time to use.
             this superpower? There is much anxiety in finding the balance. America.
             needs to back down, when the rest of the world's opinion differs about.
             U.S. actions, that is really saying something. In the case of 9/11 and.
             the War on Terrorism, America is going at it alone. Not many countries.
             supported this decision to go into Afghanistan. Now it is done but it is.
             not over with, there are still troops occupying, trying to change the.
             system. .
             The problem is not that the U.S. is there. There is a purpose to.
             use military dominance, and that has to do with the well-being of.
             humanity and order. Yet this democratic system cannot happen.
             through a war when so many object it. America cannot just use its.
             economic and military power to make that happen. The U.S. does not.
             believe in the United Nations or NATO intervening, it is not their place,.
             or America's policy. It would not hurt to step down from the high.
             horse, and accept some intervention. According to the past, America.
             has not too often backed down at an opportunity for war. .
             Militarily, politically and economically America is very successful.
             It is easy to say that the rest of the world should follow it its steps.
             Using mass destruction cannot change the Middle East governmentally,.
             it instills fear. America is being seen as an imperialistic nation to them.
             Our overwhelming power must be used to reason and compromise, war.
             is not always the only option. .
             History shows that America has only used power in self-defense,.
             not for any barbaric reasons.

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