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America - Moving Away from the Past

            It maybe a cliche, but it was too true for journalist at the turn of the century. A Muckraker is a brave organization exposing injustices; so grave they made the blood of the average America run cold. Publishing a series of articles had a much more immediate impact. America is still facing uncovering problems within the 20th century. Here in this article will be exposing details of things we all should be embarrassed about. There where problems in the society; women, African-Americans, and families faced through a lot of difficulties getting where there striving to be at, which became apart of history.
             A woman plays an important role, still, the constitution prevented them to do or be great things in life. So, the had no choice but to struggle. Women's are willing to suffer, in order for them to have the same rights as the men. Instead of them being just known as the house wife, they want to show the world what women are made of. While other women finding ways to be heard, African-Americans women are forced but no choice to be the housemaids. Women had are stopped from education; they did not have any privilege to continue their education in college. The right to vote made a huge impact in women history. Women showed America what they were made of; by fighting for themselves. "From her first faint struggles toward freedom and justice, to her presents valiant efforts toward full economic and political equality, each step has been termed "unfeminine" and resented as an intrusion upon man's place and power." –charlotte Perkins Gilman, 1911.
             Both black and white families struggled to keep their family alive. The little children in the families, they had no choice but to work, then be educated for their family to survive. Children are being put to work more hours for less money to support their family. Low wages family prevented their children from education. Not only were children the problems, but the drinking also affected the families.

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