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Differences in Past and Current Generations

            In the article "The Corrosion of Character"," Richard Sennett proposes that the majority of American's workers have no long-term work. Where employees are now required to be more flexible with their jobs and become more open to change, even if it is short notice. People are grasping onto their work because the economy today is not giving people in alternative, which is causing a lack in social interaction with people they care about and changing their family values. In his article, Sennett ran into an old friend named Rico at the airport, whose father, Enrico did an interview for Sennett's book about fifth teen years ago. Sennett compared Enrico and Rico's lives to determine generational changes in the workforce. The main points that stood out to me in Sennett's article dealt with job security, older values, and commitment in the workforce. .
             In his article, Sennett describes how job security has vanished in the past decade due to the capitalist economy. In the mid 20th century, jobs became more strong and unified and workers had a sense of stability in the job force. Sennett used an example of what job security was like for Enrico. "The upheavals of the Great Depression and World War II had faded, unions protected their jobs, Enrico knew precisely when he would retire and how much money he would have" (Sennett 308). When the disasters of the mid 20th century stopped, people could rely on their jobs. The span of thirty year's, shows that the new capitalist economy has thrown away job security. Jobs now want workers to become more flexible with their job and work ethics for employees is no longer valued in today's society. In my experience, when I worked at Zaxby's the manager wanted me to work at four other locations including the one I worked at presently. I was tossed around like a rag all around the Myrtle Beach area just so I could get a job. In my eyes, I believe that job security is very important in today's economy and we should still have it now.

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