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The American Dream

             Walt Disney once said, "If you can dream it, you can do it." (Spark People) Disney's quote still rings true today. Yet, in our western culture man has twisted and manipulated mans whole outlook on personal goals. Achievement now rests in how much one makes and not by how much is accomplished. Today's era has replaced personal fulfillment with self-indulgence. Dreams of becoming teachers and fireman are now replaced by dreams of becoming doctors and lawyers. Hungry Americans fill their bellies with material items, gobbling up whatever they can. At a young age Americans are brought up in a standardized environment where they are taught that money equals power, which in turn equals success and happiness. America's forefathers established the ideal concept of the American dream, yet that ideal is being lost amongst money influenced fantasies. The American dream, once an honest struggle for improvement is now corrupt and bought by the evils of money.
             America, still young in history's eyes has experienced turmoil, war, growth and devastation though the short amount of years. The American dream found its roots from 1777 to 1783 when Americans fought for independence. (American Revolution) Men possessed the dream of living in a new and free country. The American Revolution ended two centuries of British rule and granted the desired freedom. (American Revolution) This occurred only because some possessed the dream of being free from British reign. .
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             Another war ravished the countryside and divided the young country in two. The civil war was a four-year struggle that reeked havoc and deprivation across the land. The dream of equality and freedom was strong enough to tear a country apart. However, the dream came with a price. Three million fought and 600,000 died all for a cause. (Civil war) Life was not to high of a price to pay in hopes of reconnecting a country and living the dream of freedom from slavery and a launch toward equality.

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