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American Dream

             What is the meaning behind the American Dream? Could it consist of a strong drive for success? A fantastic but vain hope? Or could it classify as an optimistic state of mind in an attempt to escape from reality? The American Dream is a universal term, which holds pride as its definition varies from each person. .
             The American Dream consists of our founding fathers" vision of freedom to a new generation of Americans who, being so inspired, will hold high the light of freedom. In 1776, The United States of America was born as men who, creating the possibility for personal risk and sacrifice, stood up for all Americans in the act of signing their names to the Declaration of Independence. Through this, the American Dream has created a voice for all Americans in the course of demonstrating their willingness to act. .
             I do support and fully believe in the American Dream seeing that it serves as one's ambition by means of establishing an eagerness to succeed. I feel the mission behind our founding fathers was to motivate individuals to stand up for their freedom in fear of rather having them succumb to complacency, which at the moment serves as Freedom's ultimate threat. .
             To draw a correlation between my feelings and the foresight of our founding fathers, I believe the American Dream formulates freedom as a sense of happiness in the pursuit of success, while it develops a widespread aspiration of Americans to live better than their parents did. After all, the status of the American Dream evolved from immigrants believing America was the "land of opportunity" where they would be able to conduct a better standard of living through receiving job opportunities and the freedom to worship. From then on, the fulfillment of one's dreams and the grounds of feeling hopeful were both associated with America. .
             I believe the ideal American Dream lives as a tactic to demonstrate the vision of our founding fathers and serves to help our generation passionately accept and support those values so we, as a nation, can continue the fight to maintain our liberty.

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