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American Dream

             The "American Dream" can be interpreted in many ways. It is also different according to each individual. The "American Dream" has been changed from time to time and will continue changing as the people living it change. This dream is created in your own mind and can be changed only by the person who has created their own "American Dream.".
             The standard "American Dream" usually consists of ideas such as equality, freedom, individuality, independence, and prosperity; the list goes on. As I said before, these things may be changed or replaced with other qualities according to each individual's dream. I don't believe that any two people could have the same "American Dream." They may both have similar ideas, but they will vary according to their lifestyles and imagination.
             As the time goes by, the "American Dream" changes. The new ways of life affect the person and their dream. For example, in the 1900's the method used was farming, in the 1950's the method was industrially, and now we are using technology. Who knows what we will be using in 20 or 30 years. Just those tiny changes in the world can affect this dream. Another example that would change the "American Dream" is the conversion from small businesses to large corporations. Not only does it change according to your surroundings over time, but it also changes as you get older and you become more mature and responsible. The "American Dream" is constantly changing but still primarily keeping the same ideas.
             At this point in my life I am not sure I have an "American Dream." I cannot be sure of what I want to do when I am older or how I will feel. Some of the primary ideas in American dreams I am sure will be in mine, for example; freedom, equality, individuality, independence, and love. Most of these things I already have, so therefore the rest of the elements I am not sure of, will become part of my dream over time. Even if I were to have a complete "American Dream" at this stage in my life, I can be almost sure that in at least three to six years it would change.

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