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            After the break with the British Empire in 1776, not only was a new nation born, but a new meaning to life was given. Revolutionist gave birth to the American Dream. The American Revolutionist broke any from Britain in hopes to find a free land, a land that belonged to Americans. The American Dream constituted everything Americans wanted for their children, a better life then the one they had endured under the British Empire. The people of new revolutionized nation only had simple dreams. "Americans" wanted a land were people could be free and prosper. People dreamed of having a piece of land where their livestock would be able to roam and where they would be able to harvest their crops. However as the newly revolutionized nation developed and expanded, so did the dream. The American Dream evolved into a materialistic dream. Americans wanted more and wanted to be better at everything.
             The Declaration of Independence of 1776 stated all Americans wanted to gain with their independence from Britain. Americans wanted to break away from the monarchy, in which the king was praised like a god and the king only ripped the benefits. Americans wanted to be free and make their own decision, in which no one would benefit but themselves. The King of Britain condoned his authority with the divinity of God. "God had empowered the King to rule absolutely". The Declaration proved to the world that God had not given the king absolute power, but instead God "created all men equal, and that they were endowed by their Creator with inherent and unalienable rights". After Americans had gained their freedom in 1776 and began to rip the benefits of their new nation, the people realized that they were no longer restricted, the simple American Dream of freedom. The United States provided people with "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," therefore people began to see the bigger picture. Men no longer saw the necessity to be restricted to life of peasantry, and therefore American developed into Entrepanuer.

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