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The American Dream

             What is the American Dream? It is to live a carefree & non-stressful life, or is it each individuals personal thought on how it should be.
             The commercial dream or what is seen portrayed in movies was a happy family, living in a two story house, with a white picket fence. Of course in this life, the lady of the house stays at home and tends to the house all day. The father comes home from his job, which is always in a business or medical field. The kids all come home from school with straight A's, and not a worry in the world as if all they had to worry about is when they"re favorite television program is going to come on. Then of course in your backyard is the family dog.
             Some American Dreams are to have a family, and an average job. But then again some aren't, not everyone has the same dream about the way they want life to go. One could not want to live the dream of someone else, and I know somebody would not want to live anyone else's. One persons dream may be to stay single their whole life and never want to start a family. That's not the type of dream I want to be living.
             My dream, is to of course make lots of money, and about half of other people's dream include that I"m sure. I want to get married and have about 3 kids later on in my life. And live in a house still in Pittsburg, and still be in the same house when I retire. I want to live a fun and happy life. To get all of this I have to start now, I have to start working hard and get off on the right foot to accomplish anything. In order to get a car, house. Or anything will always require hard work. .
             There are many different kinds of American Dreams, and they all differ on the each individual person. But we have to realize when we say what our "American Dream" is, the word "Dream" is in the sentence, we have to work hard to make these dreams come true. And as long as we set our goals high, we can be living our dreams one day.

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