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The American Dream

            "The American Dream" is often something that society wonders about. What is the American dream? Many people find success in a variety of things. The world sees successful people with a good job, a nice car and a secretary as something successful. Others think being married, having a wife, a son, a daughter, a dog and a white picket fence as the American dream. All of these things are successful, but I think the American dream is not only success, but even more, happiness. I have come to see in working in a huge corporation that success does not come easily and that people are willing to step in anyone's way in order to make themselves look better or feel better about themselves and their career. .
             Entertainment productions often revolve around the topic of the American dream. The sitcom "Friends" is set in New York City, by far one of the most business minded and successful cities in the world. The show views six people in their mid to late twenties who are all venturing out into the real world and making careers for themselves. In the later episodes, two of the characters got married, one is about to become a mother, another is a well respected paleontologist, another is an aspiring actor, and the last character is a free spirit, content in anything she finds pleasure in. All of these aspects are part of the "wife, kids, good job, simple, happy" life style. These characters are not super rich, they are just ordinary "friends" making a life for themselves, going through promotions just like anyone else. .
             The entertainment world also portrays the American dream through television commercials. Calvin Klein has a new "Eternity" perfume commercial that displays Christy Turlington, one of the worlds top supermodels, as a mother with a husband and two children, a boy and a younger girl. The commercials setting is on the beach and in a back yard on a hammock. The wife and husband are sitting on a flannel blanket at sunset enjoying a glass of wine, watching their children play on the coast's shoreline.

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