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American Dream

            The American Dream is something that everyone wants to accomplish in his or her life. Some hope for a big house and the perfect family others hope for a good education and an even better job. Twenty -two years ago when my mother left Guyana she was hoping for a better life for the both of us, which was her American Dream. My mother has always tried to provide me with as much opportunity as possible in order to give me a better life. All of my life I have had dreams of going to college because that is something that I feel would allow me to not only thrive but also excel in the American society. I once heard a quote that said "Education is the key that unlocks any door" and I truly feel that this would be the key to achieve my American Dream. At this point I am not sure what my focus of study will be because I have an interest in so many different areas but I am certain that I do want to achieve a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree. .
             Being the child of an immigrant it is very important for me to work hard and receive the best education possible. I feel if I do not achieve this goal I will let down not only my mother but also myself. It is my job to do something positive with my life that would not have been easy to achieve had my family remained in Guyana. Since I am the oldest of my mother's children, it is also important that I set an example that my younger siblings would be able to follow. This holds true for other immigrants and their children if I can work hard and achieve my goals than they can too.
             My ultimate American Dream is to become a successful entrepreneur. My definition of success is not to make the most money or to own a large chain of department stores but to help others. In the future I want to be the owner of a clothing store that provides young women of all sizes and economic backgrounds with clothing that makes them feel beautiful about themselves inside and out. Another project that I intend to pursue is helping young people in urban communities.

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