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The American Dream

             "The American Dream".
             No other nation on the face of the earth uses the words "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" as the basis for their foundation in government. America does, however, and tons of Constitutional laws have been written and re-written and debated and considered, because many years ago, the Founders decided to base everything on the absolute necessity of those three concepts. America is, and has always been, a nation of immigrants, because the promise of these simple standards has attracted millions of people from all over the world. .
             These words, "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," is the basis of the American Dream. A concept that is so simple, yet so huge, remains nearly impossible to define. How does anyone summarize the concept of "the pursuit of happiness" when we live in such a diverse nation? The answer to this question depends on the interpretation of the word that comes before it, "liberty." Above all, and most importantly, is "life." Americans have the right to be alive and free. We have the right to pursue fulfillment in whatever way suits us, as long as that pursuit does not interfere with the life, freedom and happiness of anyone else. .
             We, as Americans, have always thought of our country as different and better than anyplace else ever has. Numerous people have influenced me throughout my life, but Marn, an old tennis coach of mine, who has grown to be my moms best friend, once elaborated to me what she felt was meant by the American Dream. Although it may have been close to four years ago that she and I had this talk, there is one thing that I have, and always will remember. She said, "the most obvious measure of comparative superiority was with Europe. This is where most people came from and where they would look to when they needed to assess their achievements.

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