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The Global Issue of Youth Unemployment

             Unemployment is one of the most problematic issues that most countries have to deal with. It could affect thousands and thousands of people in the same time cause huge damage to the economy in particular as well as society as a whole. Among those who is not currently under state of being employed, a large number is graduated students, the one who has been trained to achieve qualified knowledge and skills. There is no doubt that being unemployed is a the worst experience that people have to face, and imagine that the youth students who have finish their "leisure" time in university have to deal with this, lead to consequences sometimes death. This is a very big issues that society need to pay more attention: The youth unemployment especially graduated university students. The united nation define youth union is between the age of 15 - 24. The importance of unemployment as mention in economics that it serves as a measurement of the economic health in the small scale or in a national scale. Youth unemployment plays a bigger role because it can damage the next generation. Undergraduate students need to understand this more deeply since they are the one who is going to be graduated in the following years. Having a good view in the problem help them to "armed" themselves , be prepare when step to the economy and make a good decision for their future.
             Graduated unemployment or generally youth unemployment, according to Morsy, Hanan. 2012. "Scarred Generation." Finance and Development, youth unemployment rate are four to five times higher than the adult rate. 2012, 40% of the world unemployment are young people, and they account for 12.6% in the global scale. However, something far more interesting is that 87% of the youth unemployment laid in the developing countries of the total 1.2 billion unemployment young people. "No one, not national governments nor donor agencies, are doing enough to defuse the ticking time bomb of youth unemployment in developing countries across the globe," said its chair, Sir Malcolm Bruce.

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