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Environmental Degradation and NEETS in China

            US-CHINA made a deal to cut of carbon emission by 2030 and use zero-emmision fuels.
             China is one of the biggest pollutant in the world. Infact the air quality in china is extremely poor.
             There is an environmental degradation in china due to the following reasons:.
             Firstly, air pollution in china has increased due to industrialization. China has cheaper land price and labours, more resources and high demand of market. Therefore more and more industries are being set up. To meet the requirements of the consumers, more and more products are being made . Being the 'world factor', more products are being made and more industries are being set-up release green house gasses such as carbon dioxide in the air. This results in increasing number of pollutants.
             Secondly, air pollution in china has increased because no actions was taken during the pollution. The government was busy enjoying the money rather than implementing laws for causing environmental damage. In order to increase employment rate and economy value, the government sacrificed the environment. No strict actions ones were taken. The laws were weak.
             Currently air quality affects citizens quality of life in china in the following ways :.
             Firstly, the air pollution affects the health of the citizens. Smog, greenhouse gasses and polluted air contains toxic gasses which can be absorbed be the skin and it may cause diseases or deaths. Moreover these air in unbreathable, it has less oxygen which means body cannot carry out respiration leading to deaths. Thus the health of the publics will be affected causing poor quality of life. .
             Secondly, the tourism in affected due to air pollution. The air pollution in china has reached its maximum and has unbearable air. Tourists reject visiting those places as it threatens their lives. Thus tourists visiting china decreases. Which affects the economy of china as there will be declined in money bought by the tourists and investors.

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