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Population And The Environment

            A stabilized population is an essential element of environmental sustainability at local, national and global levels. In addition, better environmental health and services are key elements of an approach to societies' population and development goals. This video focused on areas of the world who are troubled with the consequences of population growth, environmental degradation and economic development. The linkages of these issues are apparent and bring numerous consequences to many areas throughout the world. Areas affected by these issues must tackle the root causes, which can be done through strict environmental policies.
             Population growth is directly linked to both economic development and stresses on the natural environment. For example, the population growth in Vietnam has a direct linkage to the environmental degradation and lack of economic development that is currently troubling the country. The rapid population growth forces the people of Vietnam to exploit their immediate environment, whether it is suitable or not, for their very survival. Much of the population already lacks access to safe drinking water and have no access to a safe sanitation system. Land degradation has reduced fertility thus adding to the difficulties of producing enough food. The population in Vietnam has grown to a magnitude where its sheer size poses a formidable difficulty for the policymakers in terms of planning a sustainable development for the country. Policy initiatives focusing on education, health, industrialization, energy and social welfare will need to take into account not only the prevailing population size but also the size of the projected population over the next forty to fifty years. If the population concerns are not integrated into the plan for economic growth, problems facing the country will multiply in the near future. Through this reasoning, it is clear through this that world population growth is one of the most important ecological problems facing the planet today and in the future.

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