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External Environment

             Task environment are elements or groups that has a direct effect on the corporation, which in turn, also are affected by it [HUNG98].
             3.1.1 Stakeholders.
             The bank is encouraged to liquidate assets and is sometimes forced to sell their products/properties at a low price to the government. As a result, Asset management company (AMC), which is under the government sometimes purchase foreclosed properties/products from the bank and put the purchased properties/products on the market as their own.
             The customers who affect the acquired assets department of Equitable PCI refer to the people who loans from the bank and buyers of the foreclosed properties. In exchange for the loans made, a contract is agreed upon by the debtor and the management of the bank. This contract will allow the bank to foreclose tangible assets of the debtor that is worth the loan that they make if they are not able to pay their loans in a given time. The foreclosed assets will serve as the products of the department that is to be sold in order to gain profit for the bank. .
             The consumers of the foreclosed assets include primarily, the class A and B market and the OFWs. Most of the products of the bank are real estate properties that only class A and B can afford. OFWs on the other hand, serve as target customers for the serve as target customers for the bank because on the average, they try to invest in properties, which the bank puts on the market. .
             Stockholders are the ones who own corporate stock or have shares of the corporate capital of the company. They are directly affected by the financial standings of the company. .
             The top management of the PCI-Equitable bank is the one who dictate the quota for the department. In addition, they impose terms and target sales. .
             Real Estate Brokers.
             The bank usually hires real estate brokers to be able to meet the target quota that the management has set.

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