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Analysis of an Organization's Business Environment

             In this report, different organizations purpose and responsibility will be discussed specifically the purposes of Sainsbury's that is an UK based public limited company. There are different stakeholders of Sainsbury 's so the responsibilities and strategies of Sainsbury 's will be shown to meet the objectives of these stakeholders. On the other hand, national environment of UK will be shown to find out how different national factors affect the activities of Sainsbury 's. Along with the national factors how global factors affect the business strategies of Sainsbury 's will be analysed. At the end of the report it will be discussed how Sainsbury 's is affected by the EU regulations among the member countries. .
             Sainsbury's is the third largest supermarket in UK. J Sainsbury plc was founded in 1869 and today operates over 1,100 supermarkets and convenience stores and an online grocery and general merchandise operation. It also has two property joint ventures with Land Securities Group Plc and The British Land Company Plc. Sainsbury's Bank provides a range of quality banking and insurance products.(Company overview.2014).
             Task 1: Understanding the organisation purposes of business .
             1.1 Identify the purpose of different types of organisations.
             There are many types of organizations which categorize according their purpose of creation, their goals and objectives, and their interests. Some organizations are created to earn profit, some are built to support mankind in form of jobs, and some are non-profit organizations who work for some good cause (Coe, 1999, P 110-19).To discuss some different types of organizations with their targeted aims and purposes for which they exist.
             • Legal structure: It is a type of organization whose mission or goal is to provide help to peoples in getting justice. They ensure laws and rules within a society.
             • Private company: This type of organizations has different mission and vision statements such as to become market leader or to produce quality products efficiently at low cost.

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