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Environment Consevation Proposal

             The human population is doubling every few decades, and hence increased reduction in the natural resources. This study examines the impact of an increase in the human population on the environment. Rapid human growth has been identified as the primary cause of environmental problems, and hence the study recommends measures to reduce the rate at which natural resources are decreasing and strategies to maintain a sustainable environment for the future.
             Introduction .
             Problem Statement.
             Unsustainable human activities have adverse effects on the environment. Those impacts are irreversible and long lasting. If the issue is not addressed now, it will lead to depletion of natural resources and the environment will not be able to sustain the population. The proposed research will establish ways to ensure sustainability. .
             Objective of the Study.
             The main aim of the research proposal is find out social-economic activities that lead to depletion of natural resources. Hence, identify the measures to be taken to reduce the rate at which natural resources are being depleted and create a more sustainable environment.
             Literature Review .
             The world has been experiencing a rapid increase in the human population for the past ten thousand years. According to recent statistics done by the United Nations, the population has grown from millions in the B.C to billions in the twenty-first century. With the current trend, it is expected the worldwide population to hit approximately 9.1 billion by 2050 (Ginkel& United Nations University Conference 'On the Threshold of the New Millennium', 2001). The human population growth is a major contributor to the environmental woes. People demand fossil fuel to power the day to day activities, they clear forest to do agriculture and create industries that pollute the environment. Therefore, the more people there are in the world it means, the more damage to the environment. With the expected rise in the population, there is a significant concern of whether the earth will be able to withstand loads of demand from the human population (United Nations Centre for Human Settlements, 1996).

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