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Telecommuting Proposal

             This proposal is to show how implementing a telecommuting program at our company could benefit the company. Establishing a telecommuting program will increase employee retention, as well as increase worker productivity. Also, telecommuting reduces pollution and frees up valuable office space.
             This report details the advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting programs that have been established in other companies worldwide. It also shows examples of companies that already have telecommuting programs implemented and how the companies have benefited from them. This is the basis for my recommendations after the conclusion of this proposal.
             I visited various websites to gather the information used in this proposal. The government's viewpoint on telecommuting was shown on the Department of Labor website, which I used extensively. I learned how other companies assessed the strengths and weaknesses of their current telecommuting programs and what they have done to make them better.
             In the business world today, it is becoming increasingly harder to attract and to retain quality, skilled employees, especially in a rural area like ours. Studies have shown that today's workforce is becoming more diversified, with more women working than ever before (Pratt 1). This creates a conflict between their family and their work. Because the baby boomer generation getting older, current employees must care for them, as well as their own children. In a recent poll of executives, "29% said that elder care would be the number one issue of the workplace, making telecommuting programs the predominant workplace trend of the next millennium" (Riley 5). Telecommuting programs allow employees to work at home part of the time, allowing them to spend valuable time caring for their families.
             Our world is constantly changing with the advent of new technologies. Most of today's workforce is familiar and are comfortable using computers and other technologies.

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