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            Running head: TELECOMMUTING-TEAM PAPER.
             Miviam Schiavone, Carrie Schoen, Brian F.
             To date there are approximately 8-9 million telecommuters and the numbers are growing. Telecommuting has made it possible that actually work from home, an airport, or your customer's office. This new environment fulfills the personal needs of employees by offering a flexible schedule, which allows the employee to work from anywhere. This modernized working environment can improve productivity, enhance an employee's motivation, and contribute to the success of the company.
             The ever-changing workplace is developing into a sophisticated, technological environment. With the growing advances in technology, today's workplace is becoming a competitive environment. The development of personal computers, the Internet, faxes machines, cellular phones, pagers, video conferencing, etc. has altered what we once called the office. This technological advancement has changed the terminology of workplace stress. This paper will explore how the development of the virtual office has minimized workplace stress and the enhancement to a person's ethics and lifestyle. .
             Telecommuting means office based employees using telecommunications to work from their homes or from an alternative place instead of commuting to work. It is also recognized as "the trip saving application of telecommunication." (_____).
             The history of telecommuting goes back to 1877. During that year a bank president decided to work from his home attaching a strung line from his office. At the time, the term telecommuting was unknown, but the strategy was considered smart. .
             In 1963 a project manager decided to resign from his position because his wife was sick. His resignation forced the company to search for other options to have him finish the project. The results were successful; he was able to be with his wife, and to complete the project from home.

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