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Proposal for an Employee Attendance System

             Employee Attendance System, is a simple solution attendance system that specifically developed for our company to minimize the attendance problems, so our proposal is based on providing a fingerprints scanner. The purpose of this proposal is to make sure that the staffs are punctual and do their jobs on time. Some other companies still use the paper-based system to store the records of the employees and this system can be inefficient system. The Employee Attendance System can save the time and the effort of the administrators who are supervising on the employees of the company. Also, this system helps to minimize the cost of the papers and the files that used in paper-based system attendance. .
             The proposed system is able to help the administrator to manage recordings, monitoring and tracking the attendance of the employees. It is also provide an accurate time management for the employees in order to sign in and sign out their attendance. We propose a system in which fingerprint verification is done by using extraction of minutiae technique and the system that automates the whole process of taking attendance. Finally, the main aim of this proposal is to develop an accurate, fast and very efficient automatic attendance system using fingerprint verification technique.
             Methodology .
             Online Research.
             We conducted an online research to explore more about how to manage the employee attendance in order to help us gather more solutions and to make the administrations and the employees satisfy. We adopted the best solutions that would suit the nature of our business.
             Actually, in our company the work time is between 9 A.M until 5 P.M, and some employees had a problem on attending and leaving on the time, so we're proposing a new system instated of the old system to control our employees' attendance.
             Employee Attendance System is a simple attendance that specifically developed for the small companies that have 50 employees.

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