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Hamilton Technologies Project

             (HTI) was founded in 1986 by its current CEO, Margaret Hamilton. Hamilton Technologies provides products and services to modernize the planning, system engineering, and software development process in order to maximize reliability, lower cost, and accelerate time to market. HTI's flagship product, 001, is based on HTI's Development Before The Fact (DBTF) formal systems theory used to develop systems in terms of System Oriented Objects (SOO's). This paradigm integrates planning, systems and software engineering disciplines and transforms the life cycle process away from an efficient and expensive curative process to a preventative, more productive, reliable source. HTI's mission, which is shared with Margaret Hamilton's personal mission, is to bring to market a completely integrated and robust tool suite that is based on the unique systems theory paradigm, or the DBTF. .
             HTI is currently located inside of Margaret Hamilton's two-story Victorian home in Cambridge, MA. In June 1993, HTI employed eight full-time employees and 2 part-time employees to help with technical data. All employees, including Margaret Hamilton, are responsible for all the support functions of the company, including accounting, legal, promotional/marketing, sales, and professional work. Margaret Hamilton started out working as a software engineer at MIT's Charles Stark Draper Laboratory. She moved on to start Higher Order Software, in which she developed the first comprehensive life cycle development tool called USE.IT, before starting Hamilton Technologies, Inc. W. Ron Hackler, Director of Development, is the lead engineer for the development of both current and future versions of the 001 tool suite using 001 to define and generate itself. .
             Hackler started working for Hamilton with Higher Order Software, as Director of Concepts, where he spent years defining and developing technologies based on research using the foundations of Higher Order Software methodology.

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