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            For a regular college student, starting at the bottom of a company and doing an internship is not out of the ordinary. Today students are too enthusiastic about getting out in the workforce. Not that this is a bad thing, but students need to understand that to become successful there is a process that is found to be not only the most rewarding but also the most sensible. Doing an internship first, is the answer. .
             Most students feel that they need to start making massive amounts of money as soon as they are done with their schooling, but that is not true says one current student from the University of Rhode Island. Andrew Horton, a journalism major, who is three credits shy of graduation, knows the real deal in the workforce and has great advice to share with current and new coming students.
             "You have to start somewhere." Horton said. Horton first started by doing an internship at the Norwich Bulletin, a local paper in a Connecticut. Starting from the bottom is something that no one wants to do. But Horton insists that doing an internship and getting the experience is the best path to take. He said, "Most employers look for an internship rather than experience." Horton explained that employers would like to see that the person applying for the job had the initiative to get out, set goals, find an internship, and actually complete it. Horton is a staff writer at the Norwich Bulletin and he says he got the job because he did an internship there. "After my internship was done they asked me to work part time. Now I work three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays." Internships give students a feel for what they will be doing in the future if they are hired with that specific company. It is a great way to gain experience and become familiar with the characteristics and tasks that the job involves. Even knowing the office building and where to put things helps a great deal.
             Most companies will hire their interns if great work is produced.

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