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            This week is a crazy week to me because my son was very ill with temperature of 103. I stayed half of the day at school until I got a phone call from daycare saying that I had to pick up my son due to the fever. The next day on Tuesday, I could not make it to school due to the doctor's order that my son has to stay home. I was unable to find a babysitter in a short notice. It was very stressful to me because I cannot stand missing a day on my internship because I was afraid that it would affect my passing/failing grade also I want to learn in order for me to decide if I want to be in this teaching field or not. .
             This week I have worked less with the sixth graders. As a usual routine I go through is the Daily Math. Daily Math is a basic math that everyone should be able to do with all answer correct by the time they are in sixth grade. It is mostly on multiplication, addition, subtraction, division, word problems and so on.
             I helped the sixth graders, mostly with Bobby and Alyssa to get their letter done. In Language class, the sixth graders had to write a rough draft to their sister or brother. First they had to do the Web to prepare to get an idea what they want to write about or plan to write about. After they wrote the rough draft, they had to type on the computer with grammar and spell check. The teacher checks it then they rewrite their letters before it turns in to a final draft. Once they were ready for the final draft, the sixth graders got a special paper with picture of snowman on it to be printed in. It was quite a rush for me because the teacher, herself was not really preparing anything and just told them what they had to do instead of teaching them how to do the heading, body paragraph, straight line with address on top with signature on the bottom, etc. At least we made it through and in by Friday. To me it is a struggle to get Bobby and Alyssa prepare because they have not done anything with the letter for their homework at all.

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