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             Being an intern is an important part of the education cycle since it can give a student hands on experience in today's corporate field. Getting the opportunity to work in your field before you graduate gives you the chance to break the glass ceiling even before you are qualified to do so. In a competitive world as it is today, the ones that can differentiate oneself from the surrounding can really succeed. While working in Internet Securities ISI Emerging Markets, Inc as a finance intern, I was exposed to the many kinds of different doors, which enabled me to see what interests me the most. The stock market was one of the doors opened to me, I learned how to analyze reports and give in depth analysis of what I had seen in front of me.
             While gaining knowledge I learned that understand is the key to success, and if you are comfortable with the risks that you take, you qualify to building great wealth based on your knowledge. In order to attain longer term financial goals such as social security, the money that your save and invest needs to grow at a steady pace. On a quite day at work my supervisor has surprised me with an explanation that, "if you don't want to fall behind in your goals you shouldn't wait for money to fall from trees". In the meantime I have also realized that not every individual needs the extra cash. Our company recommends choosing safer investments; an example would be to start paying off mortgages on time and not to stick your head into debt if it's unnecessary. .
             Investing in property is a great example of wealth, it's very similar to running a small business, yet it is not easy to maintain a business (no matter what size). "The customer is always right", said my father who is a small business owner himself, "you have to learn how to handle your costs, and keep track of the surrounding competition". There are several ways to handle any business, whichever method you go after will result in great success if taken upon wisely.

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