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An Internship in Retail Merchandising

            An internship is the most valuable off campus activity that one can experience prior graduation. The primary purpose of the internship is to add value to the educational experience of students. It facilitates concrete experiences that encourage the link between theory and practice. An internship provides an experimental learning opportunity for students to apply the concepts, knowledge and skills gained in real situation, to evaluate the acceptability of a future career area, to increase their competitiveness for future employment and to develop an awareness of community, economic and social issues in a global society. The scope of internship includes the expectation for students to transform practical experiences into a thoughtful analysis of the internship. The students provide a scholarly evaluation of the educational benefits received, an appraisal of activity in which they were involved, and an insightful assessment of the overall value that internship contributed to their education. After all, it allows you to demonstrate your talents, build work experience, and to understand institutional organization. There are many fields in different industries that offer internship such as healthcare, retail merchandising, computer science, finance, marketing, administrative work, etc. Well, my internship was in retail merchandising and academic or clerical work.
             The business of the retail merchandising involves creation of exciting presentations of products and ideas for customers. This is accomplished by the combined efforts of many executives and support staff within a retail organization. Retail merchandising is the best for field of industry for students majoring in management because it is very exciting place. It is the place one can meet different people with different background. I do not mean that only this direction of industry has diverse environment, other fields have it as well.

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