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Retail Sales as a Career

            Do you enjoy people, have an energetic personality, and can handle responsibility? If you have these qualities then you might have the knack for retail sales. .
             Depending on the person it can be a job or a career. Jobs for retail sales are everywhere!.
             There are many aspects to consider when looking into a career. A few of these points include personal interest in occupation, nature of work, education requirements, salary, working, environment, benefits and occupational outlook. Understanding these points will help you make a better career choice. .
             Sales is a career that allows room for advancement if wanted. This means you work at your own pace. It can be very competitive if allowed, which for many winning is an incentive. "Sales employees use techniques, coupled with their knowledge of merchandise, to assist customers, and encourage purchases" (Farr pg. 269). They need to be energetic with a pleasant speaking voice & appearance is important. They must also be friendly, patient, and able to talk to strangers of all ages (Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance pg. 396-400). The attractive displays of merchandise are often set up by salespeople to help encourage the sale of a product ("Retail Salespeople"). They must be aware of special sales and promotions, also of possible security risks of things such as theft and how to handle or prevent the situation (www.bls.govloco). "Salespeople work in more than a hundred different types of retail establishments in a variety of roles". Retail sales is the second largest industry in the United States .
             (Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance pg. 396-400). Those who work.
             in department and apparel stores, make out sales checks; receive cash, check, and charge payments; bag or package purchases; and give out change and receipts. Employees are usually responsible for the contents of their register should it come up short very often the employee might be fired.

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