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Marketing Research

            Marketing requires good knowledge of what is supplied and what is demanded by the public. The definition of marketing is "all the activities which begin at the producer, and end at the consumer. According to Stanford University Career Development Center, marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals. In other words, the goals of marketing are to create supply and demand for a certain product or service. .
             People are affected by marketing everyday of their lives, whether it is looking at TV commercials, billboards, or even receiving junk mail. Marketing is broken down into thirteen different areas: product marketing, brand management, marketing research, internet marketing, product support, strategic planning, advertising, public relations, promotions, corporate communication, physical distribution, sales, and retailing. All of these areas are tied into the activities of the producer, which is also known as the manufacturer of the product, the whole seller, which buys the products from the producer, and sells to the retailer, whom makes the sales to the consumer. .
             Marketers must know how people think, and what their interests are. That's why many marketing divisions will target certain individuals. An example of this would be an internet survey of what your favorite type of car is. This strategy is known as marketing research. Marketing research can help marketers be more persistent in selecting potential customers to buying their product or service.
             A major strategy of mass-marketing is the use of TV advertisements. This is probably the most effective way to target a large amount of people, in a short amount of time. A business gets fifteen seconds, on average, to prove that its product or service will benefit the viewers.

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