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Teen Curfews

            I strongly agree with the idea of having a teen curfew. I also think that teen curfews really should cover every city and state in the U.S. for example, in some cities it is now illegal for any person under the age of eighteen to be out after nine o"clock on week nights and midnights on weekends unless he or she is out because of a job, school, or church activity. Those in fever of teen curfews say that these will be more focused in school and also to reduce juvenile's crimes and to protect teenagers themselves from been the victims of a crime. Therefore, they will or can be more responsible. .
             Teen Curfews, I think are the best ideas for many reasons. First, they will be more focused in school. For example, this teen curfew will eliminates late nights parties and clubs. These are the kinds of things that teenagers will be involved in. and in the other side we have too remember that most of this teens are still students go to school who are having a big future ahead of them. .
             Teen curfew will also reduce juvenile crime and to protect teenagers themselves from being the victims of a crime; For example, I was just reading in the news pepper and I start to read an auricle about, a seventeen years old girl that got catnapped from the east side of the downtown. Her friends say that they were just hanging around the downtown, but the time was bad for those teenagers to be around the downtown at that time tow o"clock in the morning, It's really insecure time for teenagers to be outside there homes, where home is the savviest place to be.

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