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Teenage Crime

             When they commit crimes it is called juvenile crime or juvenile delinquency. Juvenile crime is a growing problem in the United States. Juvenile crime has many causes, many effects, and many solutions.
             There are many theories about what causes juvenile crime. Some people believe "criminality is a biologically inherited trait- (Grinney, 47). "Numerous Studies of twins showed some possibility that criminal tendencies could be genetic- (Grinney, 47). Those studies showed that "identical twins are more likely to share delinquent behavior than are fraternal twins- (Grinney, 47).
             Some people believe that the environment of a teen causes delinquency. "Recent statistics show an increasing number of young people living in poverty the connection between rising rates of juvenile poverty and crime is apparent- (Grinney, 51).
             "Statistics on inmates parallel the characteristics of ghetto residences:.
              ¾ grew up with only one parent.
              2/3 are from minority groups.
              More than ½ report that at least one close family member has been institutionalized.
              Well over ½ dropped out of school long before entering high school.
              More than 60% used drugs regularly, about ½ of whom began before the age of 12."" (Grinney, 51). .
             Some people believe that drugs cause juvenile crime. All of the juveniles in a prison population "were daily users of at least one drug- (Biskup, 98). It also appears that their criminal careers "emerged more or less in tandem with the drug-using careers- (Biskup, 98). Some people believe that "delinquent behavior is a normal part of every young person's maturation process- (Grinney, 61).
             Some people believe that learning disabilities are a cause of juvenile delinquency. They believe this because "classroom underachievement is the most common characteristic shared by juvenile delinquents- (Grinney, 59). They also believe that avoiding classroom problems may help the child escape delinquency- (Grinney, 59).

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