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Teenage Suicide

             The deaths of teenagers are the most tragic deaths because these years are the beginning of the young individual life. The teenage years of an individual life are the most important because there are many transitions that must be made. The more pressure that is put on the teenager, the more they feel that they have to be perfect and they have to do everything that everyone else wants them to do. They never have much say as to what they do because there is pressure from not only their friends, but also from their parents. High school years are the times when teenagers meet friends that they may be with forever. They have high school sweethearts and they have colleges to impress. All of these factors can cause a teenager to think of the easy way out. Most teenagers think that if they cut classes, play hooky, or cheat on tests, that they will be able to get through the hardest years. Most of them do get caught, and the punishment is worse then the crime. The more trouble the teenager gets into, the harder it is to get out. Once they lie, they have to earn the trust back from whomever they lied to." Teenagers see suicide as a glamorous way to die, a way to get a lot of attention that they couldn't get in life" (Gardner 98). Dr. Pargon said this a parent of a teenage male that committed suicide in the spring of 1984. Suicide is an idea that some teenagers turn to when the times get tough. Although mental illness is considered a reason for teenage suicide, the environment of the teenager's life is the primary cause. .
             Some teenagers gather with their friends and they talk about how they can relieve the pain that they feel from everyday life. In this instance, they are forming a suicide cluster. Suicide clusters are groups of teenagers attempting suicide (Wilentz 2). Unlike individual teenagers committing suicide, warning signs often go unnoticed. It is found that teenagers that are involved in these clusters have parents that are seldomly home and that do not take time to talk to their teenagers about their problems.

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