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Teenagers and Curfews

            Teenager curfews have been around for centuries as the adults have tried to keep adolescents safe. Teenagers should be off the streets on certain days of the week at certain times. This would do so much for your community you live in. The curfew is for safety reason. It is not for safety but responsibility as well. There are many necessary reasons why teenagers should have a curfew. The first one is because they care for their teen and want them to be safe. Parents have a responsibility to take care of their children. They need to keep them safe and make sure they're doing the right things and staying out of trouble. It is also a matter of when to expect a teenager to be home and they should have a time they know in mind. Parents need to know when their child is coming home so that they can get some sleep and not stress and worry about where their child was and if they are okay. With the curfew a parent would know if something was wrong cause if your child knows their suppose to home they aren't going to go against your wishes because they will know that there will be consequences. With that being said that is how responsibility comes into play. Teens start to realize that they can't do that in the real world.
             This is where safety comes into play. It's not the behavior of the teenager that is of that parents are concerned for it's the other people out on the streets they worry about. Heres an example, when teens drive home at 11pm it's way safer than 3 in the morning when all the drunk drivers are on their way home from the bars because everything is closed. Drunk drivers are half the reason teens aren't safe on the road. A curfew is also a way for teens to get out of a situation they don't want to be in, I've used that excuse a couple of times. It is also good for a parent to know when their teenager to come home. It is a good idea for all family members to tell someone where they are going and what time they will be home.

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