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I rule

            If I am old enough to vote, I am old enough to stay out late. A majority of teenagers are given a curfew by the state. However, once a teenager reaches the age of seventeen they do not have a curfew by the state, now their parents are allowed to set the time for when their child should be home by. Usually, parents extend their curfew, but not my parents. I deserve to stay out later for many reasons. .
             One of the reasons I should be able to have a later curfew is because I am trustworthy and responsible. I have never lied about where I am going or whom I am with. I always call if we are not going to the location that I said we were going to be at. If there are drugs or alcohol there, I will leave. I have grown to be a strong person and know what is right and what is wrong, I also no that I can say "NO" to things, such as drugs and alcohol. .
             Another reason why I should be able to stay out later is because I am not a child anymore. I am almost eighteen years old and I should be able to be treated as if I was eighteen and not a child. I am older now and I can make wiser decisions and I am able to take care of myself. I know for a fact that you want my to grow up and have the best years as a teenager and be able to do almost anything. .
             Lastly, I need time to spend with my friends. We all work on different days and different hours. This is my last year with them and in high school and I want to be able to have fun my senior year. Most of my friends work on weekends and they are just getting off of work around ten o"clock, two hours with them one night a week is not enough. I work also and it is hard to fit in time with my friends. When I am with my friends we have so much fun and we never want the fun to end. Most of the time when we are all able to hang out and find something to do it is around nine-thirty and I have to be home by twelve o"clock. For example, one summer night when we all wanted to go to the Streets of Woodfield I was unable to go because all of my friends had later curfews then I did.

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