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Statement pf Purpose

             Born into an agricultural family, after one sister and two brothers, I took up Bachelor of Science in electronics. This exposed me to fundamentals of electronics and applied electronics. I learned about basic components of electronic appliances like microprocessors, basic and complex circuits including that of TV and communication devices, instrumentation, Advanced Math's including Integral Calculus, matrixes, among other fields like Physics. Gained enough skills to assemble small appliances that provided an outlet to my desire to create something of my own. In fact, at the age of 20, after trying out my hand at various small appliances, I assembled m won personal computer, which I am still using, though after several up-gradations.
             However sever pressure to look after family agricultural and led me a little astray and I look up agriculture, dropping out of education. However within two years I realized that farming is not where my heart or skills lie. The excitement of electronics and computers were beckoning and even the Family concluded that I should be doing what I love most and know best-computers and electronics.
             Coming back, I took up a job as a Hardware Maintenance Engineer. While working, taking advantage of the Flexi-time policy of the company took up study of Software and later was transferred to the Software solutions division of the company. During this period I worked with teams implementing Hardware and Software solution in diverse clients and using different platforms. As a result, now I am proficient in all Hardware and their peripherals, and have certificate backed by work experience in the following Software.
             C, C++.
             Visual Basic.
             VB Script, Java Script, Asp.
             Oracle 7.x.
             Alongside, I completed my degree in Electronics.
             This stage of career needed a deep introspection of what has been accomplished thus far and the market dynamics. My degree in electronics and study of software coupled with hands on working on projects made me among the few who are well versed in both Hardware and Software.

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