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Rules and Philosphies of Sustainable Architecture

            To most people, sustainable architecture is a relatively new idea in the world. A way to design that has come about to try to be environmentally aware and lessen our green footprint on the environment. However this green building design is something that has been around since before the late 18th century. It was a design fad that was taken over by the industrial revolution as more and more new technological advances were being designed and put into the fabric of buildings. These included mechanical systems of heating, ventilation, and artificial lighting, which were adopted as quickly as possible into homes to try to stay on the cutting edge of this new trend. This substantial increase in mechanical systems being implemented directly correlates to the historical increase in global fossil fuel consumption.
             From the boom of the Industrial Revolution to the release of the report "Our Common Future" in 1987 new advances in mechanical systems paired with new engineering practices molded and shaped the current state of our idea of what a building should be. The report "Our Common Future" brought to light the harm of then current building practices and sought to re-examine the critical issues of environment and development and to formulate innovative, concrete, and realistic action proposals to deal with them. To place these environmental issues firmly on the political agenda, it aimed to discuss the environment and development as a single issue. Since then Sustainable Architecture has been a hot topic in the Construction and Architectural fields. With both Architects, and businesses looking to do their part to reduce the CO2 emissions in the building process. With buildings accounting for 39% of the total energy use, 11% higher than the 28% that transportation uses. 68% of total electricity consumption, 30% of landfill waste, 38% of carbon dioxide emissions, and 12% of total water consumption, it is pretty clear as to why the whole way people see buildings, and the construction of them needs to be changed.

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