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Artisitc Changes of the High Gothic Era

            There were many Architectural and structural changes during the evolution from the Romanesque Era to the High Gothic Era. Romanesque (Roman like) Architecture, for example the Pisa Cathedral located in Pisa Italy changed into Early Gothic, and a number of years later High Gothic Architecture. Early Gothic and High Gothic Architecture was prevalent primarily in France, Europe as well as the Middle East after the Roman Empire fell in the fifth century. In the time of this new age of architecture trade routes were opened to the east which brought forth an exchange of cultural & religious idealism as well as market trade, and exchange of ideas and techniques. This time was a great era of enlightenment, expansion of knowledge and artistry, and an inventive leap in architectural creation. The Cities and their civilization revolved around and were in very close proximity to the religious structures. The structures, centers of life, called to philosophers, artists, intellectuals, and civilians alike from all parts of the world. These structures be it monastery, church, mosque, or any divinely inspired building were lavishly decorated including ornate mosaics, tapestries, statues, and mosaics of divine inspiration and depiction. These were generally as elaborate as funding made possible.
             The Pisa Cathedral is an example of Romanesque Architecture which started construction in 1064 C.E. and was drafted by the Italian Architect Busketo. The features of the Pisa Cathedral which fit the canon mold of Romanesque Architecture include rounded arch doorways, small windows creating a very dim interior, thick walls, and a domed center lined with a mosaic of religious origins. This cathedral is home to the tomb of Emperor Henry the VII and has drawn religious followers and tourists alike to view it. In 1595 C.E. the medieval décor and artifacts found in the Pisa were destroyed in a fire, however it has since been restored.

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