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Gothic vs. Egyptian Architectu

             Egyptian Architecture The sediment richens the soil year after year by the Nile that floods the valley and rises twenty to thirty feet high. African villagers expect the seasonal rains; the precipitation determines the crops productivity. The valley cut by this dominating river is also where one of the greatest Neolithic civilizations grew. The originals were of mixed races but all derived from the white races. By 4000 B.C. these egger people started using copper and gold, developing a standard way of living. They made tools to their own needs and began building and started to include architectural art full of decorous curves and lines. The early Egyptians made their homes out of river reeds and river mud. They produced round homes or rectangular homes with arched rooftops. Primarily the huts were used to keep from the harsh, warm temperatures. During this time period of reed homes adobe bricks were being made which led to a crucial innovation to Egyptian homes and architecture. The art and skill that was carved, painted and designed into religious temples and tombs gave later researchers of great talent information on Egyptian life. With architectural strides religious gods and carvings were beginning a decorative architectural era. Imhotep was an architect that designed the great pyramid and temple of King Zoser in the third dynasty. He was precise and eloquent with the use of stone that was not surpassed for centuries. The Egyptians honored many of their architects, who also became court officials, but Imhotep was credited for being the first great user of stone towards monumental buildings. The old kingdom was built of river reeds and mud but later other kingdoms learned from the old designs. Later the middle kingdom saw a new light in utilizing stone form and development of others. Though it wasn't until the new empire where great temples and large courts. The new empire fell and the idea of a strong, continuous rise in Egyptian architecture had almost ceased.

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