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Gothic Genre compare and contrast

            The gothic genre is a type of movie and novel that includes lots of darkness, haunting, evil spirits, death, and other scary factors. Two movies that fall into this genre are "The Grudge," and "The Exorcist." Each movie had their strengths and weaknesses pertaining to elements of the gothic genre in each. Although the movies are based on the same genre, they have very different styles of depicting the gothic genre.
             "The Grudge," directed by Goshimoto, 1999, was a foreign film from Asia, that provided quite a unique viewing experience. There were lots of weaknesses to this movie. The introduction of the story line was very confusing and choppy. To introduce a character, they displayed the character's name on a black background, and played the same scene over again. Being a foreign film, it was very difficult to remember who was who, due to the names being too similar to remember. The use of camera angles was very limited and did not successfully enhance the viewers experience. Typically, to depict impending doom or death, the editor would use a high-angle shot to act like a higher power is looking down on the character. This movie did the opposite. In one instance, when one of the characters were climbing the stairs, a low-shot was used to show what may be at the top of the stairs. The movie also lacked audio effects such as eerie melodic music and howling wind or spirits that other gothic genre movies have. Also, the actors were another weakness in the movie. They were laughably untalented. Their reaction to .
             Jensen 2.
             fear was completely opposite to what would happen in real life. The conditioned response to a scary stimuli would be screaming and running away. However, in this movie, the characters became paralyzed by fear and unable to make any noise.
             Another movie based from the gothic genre was "The Exorcist," directed by William Friedkin, 1973. In this movie, it was a battle of priests vs.

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