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Images of woman in Lawrence and Fowles

            English novelist, story writer, critic, poet and painter Lawrence is one of the greatest figures in 20th-century English literature. Lawrence's doctrines of sexual freedom arose obscenity trials, which are still part of the relationship between literature and society. He saw sex and intuition as a key to undistorted perception of reality and a way unburden individual's frustrations and maladjustment to industrial culture. In 1912 he wrote: "What the blood feels, and believes, and says, is always true." The author's frankness in describing sexual relations between men and women upset a great many people. Lawrence's life after World War I was marked with continuous and restless wandering. .
             Lawrence was a powerful, prophetic writer, but in addition he brought such delicacy to his treatment of the human and natural worlds.
             By choosing creation and not imitation (especially after Sons and Lovers, that is after 1915), D.H. Lawrence could not escape that almost universal law according to which what is authentically new meets with public rejection.
             The vast majority of people shrinks from novelty and feels much more comfortable in the old beaten tracks; their hostility is then to the measure of the originality of the object offered to them. So, when Women in Love came out in England, people were puzzled, aggressive or shocked because they were taken aback by the originality of the novel. D.H. Lawrence is not interested in form or technique, what interest there is, lies in his subject-matter: the relationships between men and women. There is an apparent lack of form or structure in Women in Love because Lawrence's aesthetic principle that art must wholly be spontaneous or, to put it differently, the conscious intellect must not be allowed to come and impose its abstract pattern of would-be perfection. .
             There is a unity in Lawrence's overall treatment of the characters and situations. The point has been beautifully summed up by Mr.

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