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Project Planning and Communication Management

             Communication is the most important aspect involving the project manager and how the evaluation results to both the management and the customer. Communication management presents the performance or presentation evaluation measures for the schedule, costs, budget, role, issues, milestones, documents, and risks pertaining to the project as well as including the project communication plan. User involvement, executive management and a clear statement of the requirements of a project are the main influential factors relating to the success of communication management. .
             When referring to communication, talking is always considered but it also involves listening. Various tracking tools can be used to monitor the project status effectively. There are many ways that a project manager can communicate the performance evaluation results to management and customers. "Effective communication includes a well-designed infrastructure and the processes, messages, and documents that use that infrastructure to exchange information among project stakeholders and keep them aligned with the project goals and informed of the project's progress" (Goudar, 2010).
             The project manager is able to communicate the performance evaluation results to the management and the customers by means of communication such as emailing, written documents, face-to-face meetings, memos, updates, and other types of electronic announcements. Within the communication process, the information that needs to be stated will be identified, the communication format and timing will be decided, the audience will be determined, and the message will be communicated either formally or informally through the appropriate channel. This process allows the project managers to identify who the project stakeholders are, identify their communication or message needs, and make sure that the correct people get the right information at the right time.

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