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Construction Project Documentation

             These are documents that describes the work to be performed and the contractual requirements under which construction and contract administration should be accomplished. .
             They can also be described as the working drawings and specifications developed by the architects or designer, Quantity Surveyor, Engineer and/or Client that define the scope of the building project and become part of the contract signed by the owner and builder. .
             The preparation of drawings and specifications, that set forth the detailed requirements for the construction of a building project. Drawings represent the illustrative dimensions of construction documentation, while specifications represent the written. (Grigsby & AIA, 2000) These are documents that are prepared for shopping for construction services and materials and to facilitate contracts clearly outlining the specifications for the work to be done. .
             The differentiating factor between contract documents and construction documentation lies in the fact that the contract documents are the complete instruction guide that stipulate how the project should be manifested and the contractual arrangements under which it should be achieved, while the construction documentation process is the preparation of these documents. .
             PROJECT CYCLE .
             The project cycle is the predictable pattern of development of any project. The basic stages can occur sequentially or can overlap to varying degrees. (Barrie and Paulson, 1992) It is the unique amalgamation of the tender phase as it makes the assumption that the final design is finalized. .
             Phases of a Project Cycle .
             Phase 1 - Concept and Feasibility Studies .
             (Includes: Owner, Architect, Land Surveyor, Quantity Surveyor and Consultants) .
             Phase 2 – Design .
             (Includes: Structural Engineer and Architect, Quantity Surveyor) .
             Phase 3 – Procurement .
             (Includes: Contractor, Quantity Surveyor, Sub Contractor and Project Manager) .

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